Traditional fluorescent lamp and LED fluorescent lamp performance comparison

Date:2022-3-9 Category:Industry News
Traditional fluorescent lamp and LED fluorescent lamp performance comparison

LED fluorescent lamp uses CREE and EDISDN super bright LED white light as the light source, the shell is acrylic/aluminum alloy. The cover can be made of PC tube, with a high temperature resistance up to 135°C. The LED fluorescent tube and the traditional fluorescent lamp are exactly the same in appearance size, and they are 60cm, 120cm and 150cm in length. The power is 10W, 16W and 20W, respectively. The actual power consumption of a 20W conventional fluorescent lamp (with an inductance ballast) is about 53W, and the actual power consumption of a 40W conventional fluorescent lamp (with an inductance ballast) is about 68W. 10W LED fluorescent lamp brightness is even brighter than the traditional 40W fluorescent lamp, 16W LED fluorescent lamp is even brighter than the traditional 64W fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp brightness is especially softer and makes it easier for people to receive. The service life is more than 50,000 hours, and the power supply voltage is AC85V-260V (AC). There is no need for starter and ballast. It has quick start up, low power, no flicker, and is not easy to be fatigued. It is not only super energy-saving and more environmentally friendly. It is one of the key products developed by the National Green Energy Saving Lighting Project and is currently the most ideal product to replace traditional fluorescent lamps. The  LED fluorescent lamp installation is relatively simple, it is divided into two kinds of power built-in and external, built-in LED fluorescent lamp installation, the original fluorescent lamp to take off and replace the LED fluorescent lamp, and remove the ballast and starter, let 220V AC City electricity can be directly added to both ends of the LED fluorescent lamp. External power LED fluorescent lamps are generally equipped with special lamp holders, which can be used by replacing the original ones. LED fluorescent tube energy saving up to 80%, life is more than 10 times the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, there is no need to often replace the lamp, ballast, starter problems, about half a year to save the cost Can change back the cost. The eco-friendly semiconductor electric light source has soft light and pure spectrum, which is beneficial to workers’ vision protection and physical health. The cold light source of 6000K gives people a visually cool feeling, which helps to concentrate and improve efficiency.

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