R & D capabilities

R & D capabilities

Research philosophy Taking customers’ demand […]

Research philosophy

R & D capabilities

Taking customers’ demand as guidance, and expanding the market innnovatively
Good quality is the only starting point to satisfy the needs of customers.

Diligent thinking and innovation are the soul of SANNAN, which is engraved in the marrow of SANNAN family.

Research practice

Research resources

R & D capabilities

3,000,000+ Total investment

300 + Product development

10 + Technical staffs

SanNan invests more than RMB 1 million yuan in technology research and development every year, and has more than 10 R & D teams and more than 300 projects in product research and development.
Sannan launches a variety of new products every year, applying different market directions.

SanNan has signed campus enterprise cooperation agreements with several colleges to mutually research new materials, new equipment, and share research results and data for expanding the research direction.

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    Voltage: DC12V
    Power: 6W~12W
    Size: 500mm~1000mm
    View angle: 175°

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  • SN-C401

    Voltage: AC110/280V
    Power: 11W~22W
    Size: 500mm~1000mm
    View angle: 10X60°

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