After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Pre-sale: Customers order products Order production: af […]

Pre-sale: Customers order products

Order production: after the order is arranged to the production workshop, we will let customers know the progress of order production by means of pictures or videos, so that customers can truly feel the process of product production.

After sales: product packaging is completed, we will provide the waybill number to customers after the goods are sent out. At the same time, we will update the logistics information of products to customers from time to time in the process of cargo transportation. We are committed to saving customers’ time and providing customers with more perfect service.

Use return visit: after the customer successfully receives the goods, we will ask the customer about the use of the product (product installation, product failure, product use effect, etc.) in a period of time. After the customer gives feedback, Sannan will solve the problems encountered by the customer as soon as possible and improve our products more effectively.

1. In case of performance failure during normal use, the company promises the following warranty services, the warranty period starts from the date of purchase:

LED panel: 3-year warranty

LED strip: 5 years warranty

2. Non-after-sales service guarantee scope

① Products beyond the warranty period;

② Due to the use, maintenance, storage of improper damage (not according to the requirements of the product manual installation, use, any improper use of the way, such as: wrong line, the use of abnormal voltage, non-rated load and use of special abnormal environment such as high temperature, flooding, corrosion, etc.);

③ Irresistible factors, such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike;

④ Non-original supporting products of our company, such as panels and controllers of our company supporting electronic components of other companies;

⑤ Privately disassemble and alter the product.

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After-sales Service


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After-sales Service


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After-sales Service


Product sales

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