2464-UL transparent sheath line


Used for light box, light strip and luminous words, etc



2464-UL transparent sheath line


2464-UL transparent sheath line


2464-UL transparent sheath line
  1. Conductors are single or stranded bare copper or tinned copper.
  2. Semi-rigid PVC/PVC insulation.
  3. PVC coating.
  4. Aluminum foil mylar belt is isolated after core wire set is twisted.
  5. Tinned soft copper ground wire.
  6. Unpaired computer, data transmission cable.
  7. Rated temperature: 80℃, rated voltage: 300V.
  8. Can pass UL VW- 1 and CSA FT1, vertical combustion test.
  9. Execution standard: UL758, UL1581, CSA22.2.

2464-UL transparent sheath line

2464-UL transparent sheath line


Factory direct: No give short measure

Safe and durable:American standard authentication

2464-UL transparent sheath line
2464-UL transparent sheath line

Environmental protection high purity, Bare copper wire without oxygen.

Wire strictly according to national standards, using   environmental protection high purity bare copper      without oxygen, oxidation resistance, low resistance, good electrical conductivity, stable transmission.

Uniform thickness, low core eccentricity

The extrusion process is adopted to ensure the eccentricity rate of the      wire, uniform thickness, to ensure the safety of electricity, and effectively prevent the potential safety hazard of current breakdown.

2464-UL transparent sheath line

Clear print, easy to view parameters

There are clear product name specification, rated temperature, rated voltage, certification number on the wire, so that you can use at ease.

R AWM 2464 20AWG 80°C 300V VW- 1 E467966 YANGDA

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