Voltage: AC110/280V
Power: 6W~12W
Size: 500mm~1000mm
View angle: 175°


Best use: widely used in 4-10cm thick advertising lighting box or ceiling soft film lighting.


ModelVoltageLEDPowerSize AView angleColor


  • AC110V/280V mains power input, no switching power supply, constant current IC drive, high efficiency, no stroboscopic, good brightness consistency.
  • Adopt fire – retardant cover, protect electronic components, improve product safety.
  • The light source adopts SMD3030, encapsulates SANAN 10*30 luminous chip three, high brightness, low light decay, good color, long life.
  • 175°TV large Angle diffuse reflection optical lens, uniform light effect without macular.
  • High heat conduction aluminum substrate with 1.2mm thickness provides reliable heat dissipation for light source and improves product life.

Light Distribution


Using parameter

Life Span5 year/21900H
Working Temperature-25-60℃
Storage Temperature-25-60℃
IP RankIP65
Connection Typesolder wire
Longest play distance1.2m
Installation WayST2.9 screw/clasp



Installation electrical diagram


Layout diagram


Installation schematic description: the test panel is 3mm thick acrylic white board, and the light transmittance is about 54.4%. Aluminum alloy is selected as the light box model, which is evenly arranged according to the photoelectric performance parameters of the product

LED light efficiency data

Depth W(mm)Distance H(mm)number L(PCS)lllumination(Lux)

Setup Warning

  1. the main power line should use more than 2×1.5mm squared cable, and the power of the main power line should not exceed 3000W, so as not to cause serious heating and aging of the line; please use the wiring scheme in the connection diagram. Pay attention to the safety of 220V access.
  2. when installing the straight lamp, screw it into the back plate and lock it tightly. After lighting it for a long time, do not mount it in the air.
  3. when there is a bare conductor at the end of the straight lamp, first peel the wire about 10mm with diagonal pliers and screw it into the wiring head for insulation protection.
  4. to ensure waterproof and anticorrosive, after the power cord is screwed into the terminal head, it is recommended to inject the terminal head with single-component silica gel (or neutral glass glue or waterproof grease) to protect the exposed copper wire covering the power cord;
  5. do not live touch or live operation of this product;
  6. to ensure waterproof and anticorrosive, after the power cord is screwed into the terminal, it is recommended to inject the terminal with single-component silica gel (or neutral glass glue or waterproof grease) to cover the exposed copper wire of the power cord for protection;
  7. please do not touch the product with live electricity or work with live electricity. Please turn off the power when maintaining the light box. ※ it is recommended to use the switch power (with short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection) with 80% power.



Packing instruction

The package is wrapped with winding film

Carton size:1250*220*185mm

10PCS/ bundle, 100PCS in 5 layers per box



Note: the above package quantity and weight only refer to the package as shown in the figure.

When other packages are used,

the package quantity and weight will be different. The actual package shall prevail.

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