Size: 480*240mm
Voltage: DC5V/DC12V
Power: 40W
LED source: SMD5050


Best use: widely used in 8-10cm thickness decorative lighting box or ceiling soft film lighting.


ModelVoltageLEDPowerSize ALED numberColor
IPView angleWorking TemperatureCRILED Spacing


  • DC5V/DC12V low voltage power supply, safe and reliable, constant current IC drive, brightness consistency.
  • Adopt 1.2mm thick and high heat conduction aluminum substrate for heat dissipation to improve the service life of the product.
  • Using the built-in drive IC SMD5050 lamp beads, the color of light is highly consistent, can realize the full true color display.
  • The spacing of lamp beads is 20mm, and the running animation is exquisite, which can be used for > 8CM thick lightbox.
  • Separate control connection, each lamp board works separately, convenient maintenance and installation.
  • Single point single control, no screen flash, not dazzling, is conducive to viewing.

Light Distribution


Using parameter

Link1 channel 8 panels
Controller typeSN-K502
VoltageDC5V / DC12V
Life Span5 year/21900H
Working Temperature-25-60℃
Storage Temperature-25-60℃
Panel materialAluminum substrate
Connection TypeWiring and injection molding three-way terminal line
Panel thickness1.2mm
Installation WayST2.9/Tapping Screw
Video FormatSWF/AVI



Controller installation diagram


Setup Warning

  1. the lamp board shall be installed IN the direction of the lamp board, the signal line shall be connected IN the direction of the out-in arrow, and the power cord shall be installed IN accordance with the positive and negative instructions.
  2. the personnel receiving electricity must hold the electrician certificate. During the installation, the power should be evenly distributed behind the light box or uniformly placed in the distribution box.
  3. The length of the light box should be determined according to the size of the light board and the thickness of the light box profile. By default, 2CM is reserved up and down;
  4. For details, see the cable connection scheme in the Connection diagram. The power line shall not be less than 2.5 square square pure copper wire national standard electronic line, the maximum load current per square meter of the wire is 8A, to be connected to the lamp board in multiple ways, to prevent single output overload, damage to the power supply.
  5. The positive and negative poles of the power supply and the male and female of the signal line should be plugged in properly, and should not be connected reversely, causing short circuit of the lamp board;
  6. When the indicator board is off, disconnect the signal cable first and then the power cable to avoid damaging the signal cable.
  7. Adjust the electric plate to the appropriate torque when installing the lamp plate, select ST2.9 pan head screw, the pan head diameter cannot exceed 8mm, lock the aluminum profile, fix it at 4 corners, prevent excessive force from damaging the lamp plate and bead;
  8. To ensure waterproof and anticorrosive, after the power cord is screwed into the terminal, it is recommended to inject the terminal with single-component silica gel (or neutral glass glue or waterproof grease) to cover the exposed copper wire of the power cord for protection;
  9. Please do not touch the product with live electricity or work with live electricity. Please turn off the power when maintaining the light box.
  10. It is recommended to use the switching power supply (with short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection) that has passed the relevant safety certification, and use 80% power.



Packing instruction

Using pearl cotton interlayer, winding film binding

Carton size: 530*280*320mm

2PCS/ inner box, 7 boxes per box, 14PCS in total

NW: 6.71(1±10%)kg


Note: The above packing quantity and weight are only for the packing method shown in the figure. For other packing methods, the packing quantity and weight may be different.

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